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Privacy Policy

Data and data backups reside on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

GDPR information

Project Hours never shares your organisation's data with other parties.
Microsoft does not share Project Hours data with other parties, more information: Privacy at Microsoft.

Internet traffic between you and Project Hours is encrypted and cannot be read by others.

Project Hours stores the following personal data.
  • Email address and name of users that your organization registered with Project Hours.
  • Users that try out Project Hours can optionally save a telephone number
Data is visible for users within your organisation and for administrators employed by Project Hours.
On request personal data will be removed. To request send email to


This website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are used to make certain functions available on web sites. Functional cookies such as login cookies can be used without consent. For other cookies consent is needed. Project Hours uses Google Analytics to analyze website traffic. For this Google places cookies and uses the data, including your IP-address, to analyze website traffic, for instance to improve search index results. Project Hours uses, only on the initial landing page, to track user behaviour to improve the onboarding proces for new clients. For this, places cookies. Hotjar does not sell or share data.
More info on Google cookies: Google cookies.
More info on Hotjar: Hotjar privacy policy.